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The almost explosive growth of the cell phone industry has also brought with it an opportunity for landowners. As some of us are aware, mobile phone companies and carriers pay monthly rental fees to landowners to erect cellular towers on their land. With the need for cellular towers only increasing in the coming years, there is immense possibility for landowners to profit from the industry trends. However, to make the most of the circumstances, they would have to rake in cell tower lease experts. This way, they would be able to negotiate the right lease for their land or site and get the best deals from the telecommunication companies.

The lease experts would also be able to research the local ordinances to find out if there are any restrictions present to the construction of towers in the area in question. The lease need to come with a condition, where the regulatory nod needed to construct the tower would be the onus of the carrier in question. Property owners are generally not aware of this and other such technicalities and the services of cell towel lease experts can be helpful in this context.

The lease experts would also be able to negotiate a mechanism within the lease agreement itself, which can ensure automatic increase in rent, when the lease is for a significantly long period of time. This is necessary to offset the effects of inflation, which is also a given with time.

The cell tower lease experts would make sure that the negotiation is in favor of the site owners, and they get the best value for their property. They might even work to negotiate penalties for early termination of the lease by the carriers due to whatever reason.

In addition, the property owners can work with the lease experts to ensure that only a designated area of the property is being used by the carrier in question, and that too for only the necessary activities. In some instances, the carriers can also be made to pay a part of the property tax, as part of the lease. Property owners can specify a precondition on the carriers, where they are required to carry all the liability insurance for the property in question. They would also have to notify the property owner if they decide to assign the tower to another carrier at some point in time.

With the help of a reliable cell tower lease experts, the guess work is taken out of the cell site negotiations. The property owners are exposed to relevant information which in turn can help them take more prudent decisions regarding new cell site offers or amendments to existing ones.

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